We specialize in role playing games, miniature games, collectible and non-collectible card games. We have a large assortment of historical, fantasy, and science fiction board games. As well as a wide selection of comic books and graphic novels, novelty toys, action figures and statues.

We have the area’s largest selection of Magic the Gathering singles and product to support a thriving tournament scene.

We have open gaming tables most nights of the week, weekly events, and special events.


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Weekly Schedule

Gaming Schedule


  • 6:00pm Dungeons and Dragons
  • 7:00pm Standard Magic the Gathering Tournament


  • 6:00pm Bi-Weekly Pathfinder Meetup
  • 6:00pm Open Gaming Tables – 40K, X-wing, Warmachine
  • 6:00pm Weekly Casual Star Wars Destiny Meetup!  Come learn this great new game!
  • 7:00pm Magic the Gathering Block Draft


  • 6:00pm Open Gaming Tables – 40K, X-wing, Warmachine, Star Wars Destiny
  • 7:00pm Modern Magic the Gathering Tournament


  • 7:00pm Friday Night Magic – Standard Tournament

Saturday and Sunday